Macroeconomics Associated LLC is an American Consulting company formed in Florida and specialized in economic behavior, consumer psychology and market analysis. We attend all American territory through Florida office and Latin America through our Brazilian branch office located in São Paulo.

Macroeconomics Associated LLC develops versatile and multipurpose research with a holistic view of market. Our structure allow us to work with a wide spectrum of variables in the most different markets, whether for the development of new market or the expansion of existing ones.

We utilize quantitative analyses too, but our differential is a great focus on economic research using qualitative approaches, emphasizing the gains from using qualitative- or mixed-methods over traditional ‘closed-ended’ approaches of quantitative analyses.

Our talented teamwork is functional and adaptable, focused on client’s demand, so our team may include engineers, physicians, lawyers and many other professionals from various fields to develop projects of our customers in an accurate, reliable and unique perspective.

Under the highest secrecy, all our works are elaborated with discretion and safety to not expose any of our client’s demand or information. Its pragmatism has as principle the search for results for the operations of its clients.